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Pull-on, high-fashion jeans,
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khaki pants. NBZ Easy-On
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Discount Codes

Use HOPE5PAIR for 5 pairs of Hope Khaki/Black for $90 or $95 for Denim
Use PETER5PAIR for 5 pairs of Peter Khaki/Black for $90 or $95 for Denim
Use DRESS5PAIR for Bridget, Maggie, Alex and Patrick Khaki/Black for $200
Use JEANS5PAIR for Bridget, Maggie Alex and Casey Denim for $200

NBZ Apparel offers fashionable and comfortable men's adaptive jeans and pants that you’ll love! All of our jeans, khakis, and dress pants feature:

• Elastic waists

• No tags

• Great style!

• No zippers

• No buttons

• No hassle!

People tell us all the time that their NBZ pants are the most comfortable they’ve ever worn! They love having pants with no zippers and no buttons. Find out for yourself how great a pair of NBZ apparel pants can be.

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Look and Feel Your Best in Our Men’s Elastic Waist Jeans and Pants with no Zipper or Buttons

We all understand that looking our best helps us to feel our best. At NBZ Apparel, inclusion sets the standard. We recognize that access to a great wardrobe can be uplifting. We've created an exceptional, inclusive adaptive clothing line designed to positively impact many lives, with products like our men’s elastic waist jeans with no zipper or buttons.

Our Downs Designs brand is shaped and sized for people with Down Syndrome and available for men, women, and children!

NBZ Apparel's Mission:

For men and boys with adaptive clothing needs, finding the right clothes to dress comfortably and stylishly has historically been a challenge. For many years, this population has been largely ignored by the fashion industry and left on their own to create or customize apparel. Since having a customized wardrobe can be cost-prohibitive, often people were forced to wear ill-fitting clothes or clothes poorly suited to their needs.

At NBZ Apparel, our mission is to match men in need of adaptive clothing with genuinely fashionable, comfortable clothes that fit well and last. We want to empower individuals to feel as confident as possible, whatever life brings. NBZ Apparel believes that having the right clothes can be truly life-changing. Do you have someone in your life that would benefit from our clothes? Send them our shareable gift catalog!

From young children who are glad to go off to school wearing clothing that looks similar to what their peers are wearing to adults who feel empowered when they are enabled to dress themselves stylishly, NBZ Apparel suits a wide variety of needs. Our testimonials speak to the relief and joy experienced by people with adaptive clothing needs when they realize they've finally found great clothes that fit.

NBZ Apparel founder, Karen Bowersox, personally understands the joy of giving people access to high-quality adaptive clothing. Karen was inspired to found Downs Designs and then later NBZ Apparel in response to the unmet clothing needs of her own granddaughter. Learn more about Karen's story and the history of NBZ Apparel, including the extensive research and care invested in developing this clothing line.

"NBZ" Stands for No Buttons or Zippers, and Much More:

Our clothing is designed with inclusion in mind. Our men’s elastic waist jeans and pants are extremely comfortable and durable, without sacrificing any style, at an affordable price. And by designing men’s elastic waist jeans and pants with no buttons or zippers, there are no limits to how and where our clothing can be worn.

From our carefully chosen flexible fabrics to our custom design features, NBZ Apparel anticipates and addresses the dressing requirements for men with adaptive clothing needs. Visit our About Our Clothes page to learn more about our durable designs that look as good as they feel.

With crafted attention to detail, our NBZ men’s jeans and dress pants without zippers or buttons successfully create the look of clothing with extra convenience. They feature a mock fly, belt loops and watch pocket (for jeans) along with the comfort of an elastic waistband. These features allow wearers ease in dressing and independence while achieving a polished look. Learn more about our NBZ brand pants and jeans with no buttons or zippers.

Our unique Downs Designs clothing is crafted with the same modern styling and details as our NBZ pants and is available in a variety of styles and for women as well as men. Our elastic waist jeans and pants are designed to fit children from age 2 through adulthood. A customized fitting for every individual wearer is included as a part of your purchase. Learn more about our fashionable and comfortable Downs Designs clothing.