How Did a Dream to Create a Clothing Line for Down Syndrome Grow to Help so Many Other Communities Through Inclusive Clothing Options?

From the President and Founder of NBZ Apparel International

Clothing for Disabled AdultsHow did one little girl with a so-called disability change the lives of so many? The answer is easy… she’s my granddaughter and her name is Maggie.

Maggie was born with Down syndrome. At the time, I didn’t know a thing about Down syndrome, I just knew how much I loved her. I did notice that her pants and sleeves were way too long and clothes never really fit her properly.

When Maggie was four years old, as my daughter was rolling her pant legs up for the hundredth time, my daughter said to me…”Hey mom, why don’t you make a clothing line for Down syndrome individuals and families”. What was she talking about? What did I know about making clothes and what did I know about people with Down syndrome?
So I went home that day and thought I could just buy her something online. NOTHING!

Creating A Clothing Line for Down syndrome Individuals and Families!

So I went to work. I hired a designer (Jillian Jankovsky) and over the next five years, not only did we develop a one-of-a-kind specialty line of jeans and pants for people with Down syndrome, we also discovered there are millions of people who have been overlooked by the apparel industry – Maggie isn’t the only one. For many, their “disability” such as autism, injuries, arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, MS, stroke symptoms, etc., makes independent dressing in stylish clothes difficult or even impossible. This is especially true for men and boys whose fashion options are more limited than women.

I am proud that NBZ Apparel provides real answers for many who have long deserved better choices such as veterans, seniors, people who may be injured or “disabled”, and men and boys who simply want a good-looking, well-made pair of jeans. NBZ Apparel’s jeans are stylish, comfortable, and custom fit. Our customers no longer have to choose between a great look and independence.

The best part of my day is hearing from customers who share how our pants have transformed their lives or the lives of their loved ones. I’ve been told how their children slept in their new pants so they would be ready for school the next day or hide their pants on laundry day because they don’t want to go back to wearing sweatpants! People who have been unemployed are able to find work and purpose. People’s self-esteem and confidence soar! These stories never get old. For me, they will always define success for NBZ Apparel.

Thank you for visiting us. I hope you will join us in celebrating the worth of those who society has too often dismissed or limited. I also hope you will join me in honoring the little girl who inspired me to create a clothing line for Down syndrome and a company whose goal is to help hundreds of thousands of people… all because she was born with Down syndrome!