About NBZ Apparel’s Inclusive Custom Fit Clothing Brands Made to Look, Feel, and Fit Great

NBZ Apparel's Inclusive Custom Fit Clothing

“NBZ Apparel doesn’t sell clothes. We provide dignity, confidence,
and independence. We empower and we heal.” – Karen Bowersox


Millions in the United States have a disability which makes buttons and zippers difficult or impossible manipulate.  To address this need, NBZ Apparel makes and sells a line of adaptive fashion items including stylish jeans, khakis, and black dress pants that look good, feel good and give people an enhanced ability to dress independently. Our clothes also provide caregivers with an easier way to help the people they are supporting.  As our founder, Karen Bowersox says, People with disabilities are a forgotten population in the fashion world.  Our products are designed to instill confidence and empower independence for the wearers and at the same time be stylish and comfortable.”

NBZ® Apparel pants are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.  The fabric is soft and stretchy, the waistband is full elastic, and they have no front buttons or zippers (hence the name NBZ!)  Our long lasting, pull-on, high fashion jeans, casual jeans, black dress pants, and khaki mens full elastic waist pants with mock fly are ideal for people without the manual dexterity to operate buttons and zippers.  Each pair is lovingly designed to promote independence, self-esteem, ease of dressing, and to enhance the possibility of employment.  People tell us they’re the most comfortable pair of pants they’ve ever worn!

NBZ Apparel proudly offers two product lines: 1. Our line of NBZ pants for men and boys, and 2. Our Downs Designs brand is specially designed and custom fit for the unique body shape of a person with Down syndrome. The Downs Designs Brand also includes a revolutionary personal fitting service with every purchase that ensures our custom fit clothing provides a great fit for each customer.

Both adaptive fashion brands of clothing:

  • Are stylish, comfortable, and durable
  • Have no front buttons or zippers
  • Feature a full elastic waistband
  • Have belt loops and a mock fly
  • Feature soft stretchy denim in our jeans, and a soft, stretchy twill in our black and khaki pants
  • Are easy for wearers and/or caregivers to pull on and take off

Current Product Lines

Our NBZ Brand of Disabled Fashion (standard sizing for men and boys)Men's Full Elastic Waist Pants with Mock Fly
NBZ Mens Style Denim Blue Jeans
NBZ Boys Style Denim Blue Jeans
NBZ Boys Style Black Dress Pants
NBZ Boys Style Khaki Dress Pants
Our Downs Designs Brand of Disabled Fashion (custom fit for male and female individuals ages 2 and up who have Down syndrome):Adaptive Fashion
Downs Designs Styles in Denim Blue Jeans
Downs Designs Black Dress Pants
Downs Designs Khaki Pants


About Price

At NBZ Apparel, we understand that some customers are on limited incomes, and sometimes express that our prices are “higher than” they like.

To benefit all of our customers, and especially those on limited incomes, we only produce products of the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards that give long-lasting performance.

Due to our custom fit, unique products with non-typical features, we do not manufacture in mass quantities, but we always work to obtain the lowest costs, to keep our selling prices affordable.

If you compare our quality, feature, and styles, you will find that our selling prices are actually very low. We work on lower margins than most apparel manufacturers.

In addition, we do offer ongoing programs for customer loyalty and occasional seasonal sales.

Finally, we are proud of our foundational commitment to donate pants in support of veterans and other service organizations. As a social good company, every purchase helps make this possible.

Looking to the Future

Striving to meet the needs of our customers we work hard to ask the right questions by really listening.  Our team is committed to understanding the many ways our current lines of apparel makes a difference, as well as identifying new, compelling design solutions to serve our customers.  For example, our design team is currently researching and designing an NBZ Women’s Style line as well as clothing solutions for amputees.  At the appropriate time, NBZ Apparel plans to offer a line of adaptive fashion for standard size women that will be inclusive.