NBZ Apparel – Alzheimers Clothing Resource

Alzheimer's Clothing Resource: Accessible Clothing for Comfort and Ease

NBZ Brand accessible clothing provides fashionable, great fitting, feel good elastic waist pants and jeans that are easy to wear. Every pair is made with soft and stretchy fabric, fully elastic waistbands, and they have no buttons or zippers. NBZ Apparel’s long lasting, pull-on, stylish jeans, casual jeans, black dress pants, and khaki pants are both comfortable and flexible. NBZ Apparel’s adaptive clothing features provide a truly inclusive Alzheimers clothing resource for those without the manual dexterity to operate buttons and zippers. These elastic waist pants and jeans will be the most comfortable jeans and pants they will own.

Pants for Senior Men

Elastic Waist Jeans and Pants

Easy pull-on jeans and pants with a fully elastic waistband for comfort and ease creating accessible clothing options.

Clothing for Senior Men

No Buttons, Zippers, or Tags

Buttonless and zipperless jeans and pants aiding those with dexterity challenges by eliminating hassles. 

Jeans for Senior Men

Soft Stretch Jeans and Pants

All jeans, black dress, and khaki pants are made with comfortable soft stretchy material aiding flexibility allowing easy pull-up dressing and wear.  

Easy Wear Clothing for Senior Men

Mock Fly and Belt Loops

Every pair of accessible jeans and pants are equipped with a mock fly and belt loops. The adaptive clothing features (elastic waistband with no buttons and zippers) go unnoticed comparable to typical clothing.

Stylish Jean Options

Several stylish denim styles for both casual and formal settings. 

Black Dress and Khaki Options

Black dress and Khaki Pant options to accommodate casual and formal clothing needs.