Adaptive Clothing Resource

Benefiting Autistic Wearers

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  • Soft, Stretchy, Sensory, Friendly Material
  • Elastic Waistband for Comfort - Easy Pull On
  • No Hassles, With No Buttons, Zippers, or Tags
  • Mock Fly and Belt Loops
  • Several Denim Color Styles
  • Black Dress and Khaki Options
  • Every Purchase Will Have the Opportunity To Benefit Autism Causes
  • For Every Three Pair Sold NBZ Apparel Will Donate One Pair to that Desired Cause

Meet Ryan

Dignity. Confidence. Independence. To NBZ Apparel International these are more than just words. They’re what motivated us to create our line of high quality, fashionable clothes benefiting individuals and families in need of specific dressing solutions. Our brands are worn by people in 10 countries and have been featured at the White House, and on CNN, CBS, and Fox. We are proudly committed to helping more and will donate one pair for every three sold towards Autism causes.

Our Mission

 "Ryan is a very funny, very talented and a very kind young man that happens to have Down syndrome and is autistic. He has not worn jeans since he outgrew his pull-up jeans. The jeans allow Ryan to wear jeans like many of his classmates. They would give Ryan a sense of independence while getting to wear jeans again. No anxiety when using the bathroom either. The big plus is these jeans look like "typical" jeans and Ryan will surely rock them!"

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