My name is Jeff Roberts and I have the privilege of serving as the CEO of NBZ® Apparel.  As a long time entrepreneur, my background includes helping a company make the INC. 500, writing an article that was promoted on the cover of President and CEO Magazine, and founding a national sales and marketing company that helped IBM, Oracle, Motorola, Deloitte, and 150 smaller clients generate nearly one billion dollars in new sales.

I had the good fortune to meet Karen Bowersox and was immediately captivated by her vision and desire to help people.  Like Karen, I too have long been deeply interested in helping and serving others which is a core element of my faith.  My job is to help NBZ® Apparel grow into a large international business that never loses sight of its mission to serve others and which provides high quality clothing and exceptional customer service.  Down the line, my dream is for NBZ® Apparel to make a difference in the lives of one million people by donating one million pair of our life-changing pants.