Adaptive Clothing

Benefiting Cerebral Palsy Wearers

  • Soft Stretchy Material
  • Elastic Waistband - Easy Pull On
  • No Button, Zippers, or Tags
  • Mock Fly and Belt Loops
  • Several Fashionable Jean Options
  • Black Dress and Khaki Pants
  • Every Purchase Will Have the Opportunity To Benefit Cerebral Palsy Causes
  • For Every Three Pair Sold NBZ Apparel Will Donate One Pair to that Desired Cause

Our Mission

Dignity. Confidence. Independence. To NBZ Apparel International these are more than just words. They’re what motivated us to create our line of high quality, fashionable clothes benefiting individuals and families living with Cerebral Palsy. Our brands are worn by people in 10 countries and have been featured at the White House, and on CNN, CBS, and Fox. We are proudly committed to helping more and will donate one pair for every three sold towards various causes selected by our customers.

Live With No BoundarieZ

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Read Yon's Story

Marge writes: “My brother Yon is the most amazing person that I have ever known. He was adopted by my parents when he was 7. I had just graduated from high school and was 18 at the time. His was a Sunday's Child in the Boston Globe. They usually ran stories about hard to place children, usually due to handicaps. My brother Yon faces obstacles on a daily basis. He has an intellectual disability and cerebral palsy with a seizure disorder. Daily medication has kept him seizure free for years but his brain scans indicate that he still could have a seizure if he didn't take his pills. Yon attended public school from 1st -12th grade. He participated in Special Olympics and actually lettered and earned his varsity jacket in Track and Bowling! As an adult, he continues to participate in Special Olympics swimming and basketball. He works part time at the local grocery store as a general duty clerk! He does cleaning jobs around the store as well as gathering carts in the lot or help a customer to their car with groceries. After my parents passed away, Yon went to live with my sister and her family. It was a difficult adjustment for all of them but they made it work! I could go on and on about my brother. He's funny and fun to be with. Like all little brothers, he was annoying, touched my stuff and bugged me to no end. But, he also taught me patience, unconditional love and how to never give up!! My brother Yon is my hero!”

"My brother Yon only has full use of his left hand and arm. His right arm cannot be fully straightened out. Although he can shower and dress himself, regular jeans and dress pants are a major challenge for him. There is usually someone home to help snap or zip him up but when he's home by himself, he usually wears sweat pants or running pants that he can just pull up himself. A pair of your jeans would make him more self sufficient!! To not have to ask for someone to help him with his jeans would be great!! It doesn't seem to bother him to ask for help but in all honesty, we don't really know if it does. He is 43 years old and he should be able to put on a pair of jeans without needing someone to zip them up for him.”

"The custom fit pants to help him be more independent. Here he is, showing off his stylish look in his new custom-made pants!"