See How our Inclusive and Specially Created Down Syndrome Apparel Clothing Lines Have Made a Difference In the Lives of So Many Through These Customer Testimonials


NBZ® Apparel would like to thank the many people who have graciously shared their thoughts and experiences over the years about our Downs Designs and NBZ clothing. The following are just a few examples of how our pants can make a difference in the lives for both wearers and care givers.

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Ross’s Story

Just a note of huge thankfulness for your company! We are BEYOND thrilled with the three pairs of jeans/pants we received last week for our son, Ross, who has autism. FINALLY, (after 30 years) pants that fit and remove the complications from wearing clothing that present challenges every day. Love you all! Mechele & Mike Duba.

CJ Story

CJ is my 11-year-old son and he was born with Down syndrome. I have problems finding clothes that fit him properly and I have been looking for an Angel who could help us find pants that fit great. Well, we found our Angel and her name is Karen. Thank you so much for what you do. The jeans we got are truly made with love and CJ loves his pants and he loves the feeling of them. They are so soft and they fit like they were made just for him.

Anthony’s Story

As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Anthony Bagliano was born with Holt-Oram Syndrome and has short, non-functional arms. Anthony is an NBZ® customer, spokesperson, and a shining example of what we mean by the phrase “Live life with No BoundarieZ!” Among his other achievements, Anthony has been the kicker on his high school football team. Anthony says:

“Just because people with disabilities look physically different, we are still the same as everyone else. I want to tell people who have trouble with buttons and zippers not to give up hope. NBZ® clothes look great and give you the courage to put on your pants yourself without the need for the assistance of others. I want the whole world to find out about NBZ® so people with disabilities, or who have trouble putting on their pants, can gain the independence they’re searching for. With the independence and confidence you get from these pants I feel like you can do anything!”

Harry’s Story

Harry is a Vietnam War Veteran who was nominated to receive a pair of NBZ® pants by his sister Betty:

“I would like to see my brother in a pair of jeans that look like real blue jeans. He suffers from the effects of Agent Orange, has respiratory problems, walks with a walker, and his hands are deformed. He is home bound unless we take him to the VA for testing. He would like a pair of blue jeans for such outings. It is so hard to find them in stores with a mock fly and an elastic pull-up waist.” Betty’s wish was fulfilled when Harry received a pair of our stylish, comfortable pants at no cost through a program overseen by our Founder, Karen Bowersox.

John’s Story

For the past 8 ½ years, Gail P has lovingly cared for her husband John who had a major stroke in 2007 that left him severely disabled. Now in their 44th year of marriage, Gail assists John with all his daily tasks without any outside help. She had only one complaint. “John had been only able to wear pajama bottoms and sweat pants for 8 years. It’s been impossible to find pants that someone with a disability can easily put on by themselves”.

Then Gail found NBZ® Jeans. “These jeans have no buttons or zippers and give John style, comfort, and independence. I was happy for him and it was a blessing for me. These jeans make it easier for John to take care of his needs. I am so happy because they look just like regular jeans and are stylish too! John’s self-esteem has increased since he started wearing them. These wonderful jeans make him look good and maintain a positive outlook. With these jeans he feels comfortable and fits in with everyone else.”

Wayne’s Story

“My background includes being in the National Guard for 6 years and law enforcement for 31 years. Two years ago I had hip replacement surgery and discovered that wearing jeans with a regular waistband and leather belt was too uncomfortable during the post-op time. The regular waistband cut into the top of the incision area when I was sitting, bending, or stooping. We decided to order some NBZ® Jeans to see if they would prevent irritation of the incision. The jeans were the answer to my pain! The elastic waistband doesn’t constrict the circulation and was flexible enough so I can sit, bend, and stoop without pain in the incision area. The fabric is excellent and has stayed true to color and fit in spite of many, many washings. I have also had compliments on the fit – which at age 70 made me feel pretty good! I highly recommend these jeans to anyone who has limited flexibility or mobility. They are easy to get on, my shirt stays tucked in, and they look good enough for going to church.”