Downs Designs Clothing for Down Syndrome

Downs Designs Includes a Personal Fitting & Alteration Service with Every Order

Pants and Jeans for People with Down Syndrome that Actually Fit!

Welcome to our ordering page for new customers! We're so glad you're here and can't wait to help you get into a pair of jeans or pants that you will truly love.

Our Downs Designs brand of jeans and pants can be a little challenging to order for the first time. So we’re going to help you every step of the way. Downs Designs is run personally by Karen Bowersox. We don’t just sell pants. Downs Designs provides a service of custom fit jeans and pants. You can call Karen directly at any point in the ordering process to get help with your order.

New Customer Video – Quick Summary of Ordering Process

  • Made by someone who understands what people with Down Syndrome need!
  • Each pair includes a personal fitting and custom tailoring!

  • Pants include elastic waistbands and no zippers for ease of use and comfort!
  • Downs Designs jeans and pants are designed to look just like anyone else's clothes!

How to Order Downs Designs Jeans and Pants

Step One: Measurements for Personal Fitting

Karen will be helping you with your order, so don’t worry about making decisions yet. Your job will be to provide the information needed to determine which size and style you will be buying.

You will need to fill out the measurements form on this page to get started, then leave the rest to Karen!

Step Two: Pay Deposit for Personal Fitting Package

Karen will contact you by phone once she has received your measurements. Before the package is mailed there will be a charge of the price of one pair of jeans. This amount will be applied to your final order.

Step Three: Receive Your Personal Fitting Package and Try On

Karen will prepare a personal fitting package of several jeans or pants to be tried on. After you receive the package, Karen can even Facetime with you during the “try-on” and personally help with the fitting.

Each new customer starts with a personal fitting This guarantees the correct fit. We do not send out a finished pair of jeans or pants to a new customer without the personal fitting.

The personal fitting is only provided to customers in the United States. International orders are handled differently. Please call for more information

Personal Fitting & Alterations Service

Personal Fitting & Alterations Service: Custom Fitting Clothing

Downs Designs Styles

Dip Down Waist

Downs Designs Style Dip Down

High Rise Waist

Downs Designs Style High Waist
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