Inspirational Leaders and Featured PartnerZ: Just For You CardArt

Featured PartnerZ: Just For You CardArt

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Donna and Jenna are the best of friends. The two enjoy making cards and want to sell the beautiful cards they create.  With the support of their parents Just For You CardArt was launched. Their dream is to build a great business selling CardArt. The cards are truly works of art. Every card is handmade with no two cards exactly alike. We are very proud of the cards they create and hope you enjoy them as much as they enjoy making them!

Get to Know the Entrepreneurs Behind JUST FOR YOU CARD ART

Our cards are truly works of art. Every one is handmade with no two cards exactly alike. We can even personalize them for you upon request.

DONNA (Left)

Donna's favorite thing to eat is Pizza. She enjoys time with her best friend Jenna and Nicole who always keeps her laughing, and her favorite place to visit is Sea World. When asked who her hero was she said her sister Liz because she is always there for her and a good person. Donna is modeling a pair of Downs Designs Brand Diva Jeans 

JENNA (Right)

Jenna's favorite thing to eat is strawberries. She enjoys time with her best friend Donna and her father, whose jokes keep her laughing. If given the choice her favorite place to be in is Massachusetts. When asked who her hero was she said her mother because she protects her. Jenna models  "Sheryl"  Style Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself? 

Donna is 28 and Jenna is 25 and have been best friends since childhood. They love to hang out with each other, go to the movies, go to dances and talk about their boyfriends! They started making greeting cards after Donna’s mom showed them how and realized that they were really good at making the cards. Donna and Jenna talked about selling their artwork and it was decided to let them try to fulfill this dream. Just For You CardArt was launched in June 2010.


Describe your Company and it’s mission? 

We see Just For You CardArt as having two missions. The first is to educate the public that individuals with disabilities have many talents. Find your talent, build your talent. The second mission is to empower Donna and Jenna with a sense of “yes I can” to help them reach out to fulfill their potential.


What is the best part of working with your best friend? 

Donna – I can be with Jenna. Jenna – Donna is the best


What made you want to create cards? 

Donna – It is so much fun  Jenna – comes from my heart


What would you tell other young people who are thinking of starting a business? 

“Just try it” “Ask your mom to help you like we did.”


NBZ Apparel embraces life with No BoundarieZ as part of our mission. What does No BoundarieZ mean to your company?

Nothing can stop us from trying!


What are your upcoming plans for Just for you CardArt? 

We are always going to local stamping shows looking for new stamps, paper, embellishments to put on our new cards. They are always creating exciting new cards!


What They Do

Follow your passion - everyone has gifts and talents to share. Donna and Jenna

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