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Featured PartnerZ: No Rulz Art

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No Rulz Art was established in 2007 to bring adults with and without special needs together to explore different art mediums in a social atmosphere. Understanding socks grew from a tie-dying project and has taken off as a result of the quality of work and cooperative efforts between people building on each other’s strengths. Through their love of colors and art, they have created fashionable and wearable tie-dye clothing, accessories and “upcycled” furniture/household items.

No RulZ Art

No RulZ Art embraces No RulZ the same way NBZ Apparel embraces Living with No BoundarieZ. Meet some of their team and see what that means to them!

Brittany Weiss

No Rulz Art means we need to work together and be positive have good teamwork and be part of the group show respectful to other friends do not call names.  I like using pink and rainbows while tie dying.  I love spending time with all of my friends.  I want to earn money for working really hard to buys stuff and save for my new house. Brittany is modeling "Charlie" Style Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

Meghan Drops

No Rulz means to be with my friends and sell socks in different craft show to get out the house and be creative to be an artist.  No Rulz make me happy, perfect, and excited. I like Tie dye because make different colors is pink and purple and also make some money and get out to be social and also talk with my friends when doing selling our socks in craft shows. Meghan is modeling "Jessica" Style Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

Womens Clothing Down Syndrome

Leesa Leimsieder

 I like to color with gel pens,  it is fun I don’t like to sat on my butt and watch t.v and I love to shopping for movies, music, and art stuff.  No Rulz helps me be active independent and be with my friends It is something to look forward to.  I am the best sales person!! Leesa is modeling "Sheryl" Style Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

Tim Regan

I like doing No Rulz Art and tie-dying. I do rainbow colors, football teams like the Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Buckeyes, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Christmas colors, Hanukah colors. I like to do socks and I like selling them and talking to people about the colors and how we do it. Tim is modeling Men's NBZ Brand Jeans.

Kelleen Kinnaird

my name is Kelleen and I love being part of No Rulz Art. I can be very creative and choose my favorite colors to tie-dye. I have made new friends and also hang out with some old friends. We then can go out in public and sell our tie-dye to people. I’m very proud of what we make and I like to show off our great items. Kelleen models "Diva" Style Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

No Rulz Art Partners With NBZ Apparel
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What They Do

Understanding from HEAD TO TOE reflects their hope for a greater understanding of the abilities of ALL people. Their favorite color is tie dye!





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