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Featured PartnerZ: Special Sparkle

Get to Know Special Sparkle & The Women Behind It

1.) Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?


Kelly – I am a positive person and I care a lot about other people.  I also love animals, especially dogs and my dog, Charlie. I am a girlie girl

Special Sparkler Partnership

Get to know Rachel (left) and Kelly (right) of Special Sparkle. The girls are both showcasing how great they look in their Downs Designs Brand Jeans.

who loves to get my nails done.

Rachel- I have two jobs along with helping Kelly with Special Sparkle. I work at Penney’s and Homegoods and I love getting a paycheck.


 2.) Describe your company and it’s mission.

Kelly – My company is about doing what I love and showing people that I can make my dreams come true.  It is a special kind of company where I make the items and surprise people with my talents. I love that we have gotten so busy that we have some help from my friend, Rachel.

Rachel – The best thing about working with Special Sparkle is that I get to work with my friend, Kelly and make beautiful jewelry.


 3.) What is the biggest change or impact you are striving to accomplish?

Kelly – At first I just wanted to do what I liked, but we got a lot of attention and I was on the news and in the newspaper.  Then we wanted to show people about the abilities of people with Down syndrome.  Now we are just loving that we need more help because people liked what I made.  I get emails that tell us about their families and how they love that I am showing them about myself.


4.) What made you want to work with jewelry and start Special Sparkle?


Kelly – I wanted other people to know I have a dream that I wanted to make happen and that with my mom as my partner we made it happen. I love fashion and bling and I like to design things and be creative too.

5.) What would you tell other young people who are thinking of starting a business?

Kelly – I think they should go for it.  Starting a business is a lot of work but if you love it you will do well.


6.) NBZ Apparel embraces Life With #NoBoundarieZ as part of our mission. What does No Boundariez mean to your Company?

Kelly – My mom and I have had some good ideas and we just try them out to see if they work.  We are dedicated and try hard and put our business first. We can do anything we want as long as we love what we do.


7.) What are your upcoming plans for Special Sparkle?

Kelly – We want to keep making things better and make new things.  We want to sell to more people all over the world and need to figure that part out. We want more items on our website too and more friends to help with the business.


8.)  How can others find out more about Special Sparkle?

You can go to our website, Specialsparkle.com or see our Facebook page or Instagram.  We also have a video with Chris Ulmer from specialbooksbyspecialkids.org


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