Want NBZ Apparel to be Involved in Your Next Fashion Show, Adaptive Fashion Show, or Event?

NBZ Apparel enjoys involvement in fashion shows, adaptive fashion showcases, and performing arts. NBZ Apparel actively seeks additional collaboration in these events to assist the individuals and organizations coordinating them. Striving to be an industry leader and activist within the adaptive fashion world, NBZ Apparel routinely donates clothing for various fashion events and organizational support through charitable functions. 


Want NBZ Apparel to be Involved in your Fashion Show or Entertainment Event?

Childrens Adaptive Fashion


Both NBZ and Downs Designs Brand clothing is frequently donated to be showcased and celebrated within adaptive fashion shows hosted through other amazing organizations



Both clothing brands can also be donated using gift cards to support various organizations with their charitable causes


Adaptive Fashion Kids
Boys Adaptive Fashion


NBZ Apparel is always looking for new and creative ideas so please feel free to reach out!


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