NBZ Apparel International • NBZ Apparel Launches Its Social Good Program Helping Veterans Through Partnership with Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Program

NBZ Apparel Launches Its Social Good Program Helping Veterans Through Partnership with Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Program


NBZ Apparel has launched their social good impact and veteran support by donating 25 pairs of NBZ jeans and khaki pants to Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Program. The recent donation completed a request for veterans within Milwaukee’s Zablocki VA Medical Center. The non-profit partner Downs Designs Dreams has formed a national partnership with the United States Department of Veteran Affairs assisting several VA Hospitals across the country. The Program honors submitted requests by donating NBZ Apparel’s brands of fashionable adaptive wear clothing to individual veterans, veteran hospitals, and veteran organizations.

NBZ Apparel International is a one-of-a-kind social good apparel maker and online clothing retailer. Their high-quality dress blue jeans, casual blue jeans, black pants, and khaki pants are specially designed to improve independence, self-esteem, and ease of dressing. NBZ Apparel’s mission includes improving the daily living for our country’s disabled and wounded veterans.

As a social good company, every product order provides customers with an opportunity to support a cause of their choice. For every three pairs of pants sold, NBZ Apparel will donate one pair to the customers’ chosen cause such as disabled/wounded veterans or individuals living with disabilities. All purchases chosen to benefit veteran causes go directly towards aiding Downs Designs Dreams’ Support-A-Veteran Adopt-A-Jean Program.  NBZ Apparel’s long-term goal is to donate 1,000,000 pairs of pants to improve people’s lives.

NBZ Apparel serves customers in the United States and in 10 countries around the world. Our brands, Downs Designs and NBZ (No Buttons Zipperless), have been featured at the White House and have received highly positive press coverage from CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox, AOL, Huffington Post, and 70 news media worldwide. As a strong supporter of America’s veterans, we are committed to making a difference in their lives.

NBZ Apparel International’s company’s mission is to make a life-changing difference for wounded/disabled veterans, amputees, stroke victims, seniors, plus adults and children living with disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, severe arthritis, and more.

Loss of independence is a major issue that affects tens of millions of people physically, mentally, and financially. Statistics show over 65% of working-age adults living with disabilities are unemployed! In part, this is due to the lack of easy-to-put-on, quality clothing which can make it difficult for disabled individuals to dress and can limit their dressing options to choices such as sweatpants. NBZ pants are comfortable, stylish, and made of soft, high-quality, stretchy, sensory-friendly material. Our pants feature elastic waistbands and have no front buttons, zippers, or tags. They are a major help to caregivers and are much easier for people with dressing challenges to put on and wear.

Help NBZ Apparel make a difference. Interested people can support NBZ Apparel’s mission by purchasing our clothing, buying a gift card for someone else, and getting the word out by telling as many people as possible about our products and purpose.  As part of our mission, NBZ Apparel is actively looking to form additional partnerships with organizations which directly serve people who will benefit from our life-changing pants.

For more information, please visit our website: www.nbzapparel.com. Or, you can visit https://nbzapparel.com/veterans

For more information about Downs Designs Dreams please visit their website:   https://downsdesignsdreams.org/ or for information regarding Downs Designs Dream’s Support-A-Veteran Adopt-A-Jean Program 

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