Downs Designs® Brand Clothing

NBZ® Apparel pants are made of the highest quality materials. The fabric is soft and stretchy, the waistband is full elastic, and they have no front buttons or zippers (hence the name NBZ!)  Our long lasting, pull-on, high fashion jeans, casuals jeans, black dress pants, and khaki pants are ideal for people without the manual dexterity to operate buttons and zippers. Each pair is lovingly designed to promote independence, self-esteem, ease of dressing and to enhance the possibility of employment. People tell us they’re the most comfortable pair of pants they’ve ever worn! For more information on our optional In-Home Personal Fitting & Alterations Service >CLICK HERE To get additional information about a particular item you are interested in, simply place your curser over the photograph of that product and click on Product Details. To place an order for a particular product, CLICK or TAP on the center of the product photo.

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