Boys Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans


NBZ Boys Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans, fit boys size 8 to size 18. NBZ Brand Boys Jeans are durable and fit great! They are perfect for those who are active. Plus, they will look good for any occasion. NBZ jeans have no buttons, zipper or tags. They also have a mock fly, full elastic waistband and the fabrics are soft, stretchy, and sensory friendly. These are the most comfortable jeans and pants your boy will own. At the same time, they help make dressing easier providing a truly inclusive clothing option. By being easy to wear, sensory friendly clothing, NBZ jeans are also a great special needs resource as fashionable adaptive wear. Every pair of NBZ Brand Boys Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans can also be hemmed to wear as shorts.

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