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Men's Elastic Waist Pants and Jeans Without Buttons

NBZ Apparel offers high fashion, great fitting, feel good pants and jeans without buttons. Every pair of men’s elastic waist pants and jeans are designed first to look great and then promote easy dressing. They are made of soft and stretchy fabric. They are simply the most comfortable jeans and pants you will ever own. No front buttons, zippers or tags means no hassles. This, in turn, fosters independence and self-esteem while improving employment options. Specifically, NBZ Brand clothing includes high fashion jeans, casual jeans, black dress pants and khaki pants. These are all ideal for people without the manual dexterity to operate button and zippers. For additional information about these great elastic jeans without buttons for men, simply CLICK or TAP on the center of one of the product photos below to check out the most comfortable collection of elastic waist pants for men you’ve ever seen.

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NBZ Apparel’s Men’s Elastic Waist Jeans and Dress Pants with no zippers

NBZ Apparel offers fashionable options for men in an easy-to-wear design.

Our clientele includes men who want great-fitting pants or slacks in an adaptive style, but also care about looking fashionable and polished.

Adaptive Jeans/Slacks Designed For Comfort and Style

Too often, when it comes to finding clothing that meets our needs for comfort, it falls short in the style department. But we believe dressing in comfort shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice looking good.

The truth is, being able to dress in clothes that are flattering and stylish helps people feel good about themselves. It boosts self-esteem and lets us face the world with more confidence. That’s why our adaptive clothing line takes special care to include important design elements.

Comfortable Pants with No Buttons or Zippers

NBZ Apparel makes pants that use soft and stretchy fabric that feel comfortable and move with you, rather than feeling restrictive. The elastic waist found in every pair of our pants makes them easy to put on and take off. Our men’s elastic waist jeans with no zipper are carefully designed to be free of front buttons, zippers, and tags.

NBZ Apparel’s jeans and slacks have an easy-to-wear design that gives the wearer increased independence and greater dignity.

At the same time, our jeans without buttons are made to match conventional styles of pants you see on men every day. For too long, those who lack the manual dexterity to manage buttons or zippers didn’t have the option of wearing style-conscious jeans and slacks.

Adaptive Dress Pants

For those occasions when you need a more professional or dressy look, we offer dress pants with an elastic waist. Similar to our men’s elastic waist jeans with no zipper, they are made from soft and stretchy fabrics that are comfortable and stylish. We added style details such as front side pockets, slit pockets with a button on the back and a mock fly. Our dress pants are perfect for wearing to the office or a more formal event.

What we wear affects how others perceive us. NBZ Apparel’s jeans and slacks allow men to who need adaptive wear to feel confident, attractive and open to opportunities.