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NBZ® Apparel offers high fashion, great fitting, feel good pants. They are made of the highest quality materials and the fabric is soft and stretchy. The waistband is full elastic, and they have no front buttons or zippers (hence the name NBZ!). NBZ Apparel’s long lasting, pull-on, stylish jeans, casual jeans, black dress pants, and khaki pants make NBZ Apparel an ideal resource for people without the manual dexterity to operate buttons and zippers or for those searching for pull on jeans. Each pair is designed first to look great then promote ease of dressing. This, in turn, fosters independence and self-esteem, while improving employment options. People tell us they're the best pull on jeans and the most comfortable jeans they’ve ever worn!


NBZ® brand pants – No Buttons No Zippers No Hassles - are made for men and boys who would benefit from high fashion pants that are sensory friendly and do not require manipulation of buttons and zippers. They are loved by all wearers but also function as a valuable adaptive dressing resource for those looking for pull on jeans. Weight lifters, seniors, truck drivers, skaters and others purchase NBZ® brand pants due to their great look, flexibility, durability in addition to the stretchy, comfortable feel that our clothing provides.


Downs Designs® pants – Special Clothes for Special People - are designed for those with unique body shapes including individuals with Down syndrome. All Downs Designs® pants have an elastic waistband, mock fly and no buttons or zippers. U.S. purchases of Downs Design® Brand of adaptive clothing include our In-Home Personal Fitting & Alteration Service which greatly simplifies the selection process and seeks the very best possible fit.

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Give the empowering gift of NBZ Jeans with an elastic waist to your family, friends or those in your care. Simply select a gift e-card design theme and write a short message you’d like us to send on your behalf. Next, choose a gift card amount, and provide an email for the recipient. Your gift of high fashion pants will be the most comfortable jeans they ever wear. NBZ Apparel’s Clothing also benefits many as a resource of pull on jeans truly changing lives.

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