Stroke Recovery Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive Clothing for Stroke Survivors to Reclaim Your Style and Independence

The benefits of our clothing for stroke victims:

  • Soft Stretchy Denim and Material 

  • Elastic Waistband - Easy Pull-On Pants and Jeans

  • No Hassles of Buttons, Zippers, or Tags

  • Mock Fly and Belt Loops

  • Several Fashionable Denim Options

  • Khaki and Black Dress Pants

  • Every Purchase Will Have the Opportunity To Benefit Stroke Recoverers Through Our Social Good Program

NBZ Jeans and Pants Are Wonderful Clothing for Stroke Victims

Khaki clothing for stroke victims

Denim clothing for stroke victims

Professional clothing for stroke victims

Stroke Clothing

Our Mission

Dignity. Confidence. Independence. To NBZ Apparel International these are more than just words. They’re what motivated us to create our line of high quality, fashionable clothing for stroke victims. Our clothing benefits individuals and families recovering from a stroke. Our easy wear brands of adaptive clothing provide a great stroke recovery clothing resource, granting both independence and style. We are proudly committed to helping more and will donate one pair for every three sold towards various causes selected by our customers.

Live With No BoundarieZ


How NBZ Brand's Stroke Recovery Clothing Resource Helps!

John and Gails Story

“My husband, John, had a stroke November 2007. The stroke left him paralyzed on his right side, also he has expressive aphasia, with the inability to speak or write or communicate. He has full understanding, though. I have to take care of dressing him and daily needs. He also wears a brace, without it, he couldn't walk, but he can walk in the house with a quad cane. He can take care of some of his bathroom needs but depends on me for food and recreation. we have a very supportive family and many friends. We receive a lot of encouragement from our loved ones."

“I just discovered these special jeans and met Karen today. I was overjoyed with the jeans and they had no zipper, button and have an elastic waist, John has been wearing the same 7 or 8 pairs of pajama bottoms and jersey pants for the past 8 years. There is a lack of clothes for an adult that is handicapped. He cannot have a zipper and they just don't make nice pants or men's jeans with no zippers. With this style of jeans, he will still be able to take care of his bathroom needs without my help. This is very important for his independence and dignity. We are so happy we discovered this special design in jeans. Also with the upcoming line of dress pants, we are very excited as we attend religious meetings twice a week and will be able to look nice in these pants. We are very grateful to have found NBZ's clothing for stroke victims."

Enjoying our clothing for stroke victims